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→ my name is lily.
→ august 27 (30↑)
→ new jersey, usa
→ she/they
→ latina, virgo, intj, & fire rabbit
→ clinically depressed & anxious
→ neurodivergent
pmdd sufferer
→ in a relationship with chu
→ 20+ years in fandom
→ anime, jpop, kpop, video games, BL
→ mobages, j-rpgs, visual novels,
→ idols (2d & 3d), true crime, paranormal, pokemon
→ may enjoy problematic things


in no particular order
aquors: tsushima "yohane" yoshiko
fate/stay night: rin tohsaka
fate/grand order: diarmuid, phantom of the opera, napoleon
[email protected] sidem: hideo akuno
ensemble stars: kaoru hakaze
osomatsu-san: ichimatsu matsuno
tokyo 7th sisters: kawasumi sisala
touhou: kochiya sanae
yumeiro stars: amamiya jin
µ's: yazawa nico
[email protected]: cinderella girls:
kanzaki ranko, shimamura uzuki, anastasia, shibuya rin, shirasaka koume, ssagisawa fumika, sato shin, mukai takumi, hayasaka mirei, shiina noriko, murakami tomoe, natalia, yokoyama chika, miyoshi sana, mizuno midori, riamu yumemi, and sena shiroi

before you follow

→ i rt/tweet heavy when active
→ i fucking cuss a lot
→ i get personal from time to time
→ i'm occasionally nsfw so no minors!
→ if i followed you first, its okay if you don't follow back immediately
→ i comment on discourse but don't actively join
→ i'm a woman of color - i'm going to say cracker/gringo a lot.
→ it's hard for me to tell when people consider me a friend. you may need to outright tell me instead of alluding to it.
→ at the same time, please tell me if i'm crossing any boundaries with you - it's also hard for me to tell at times.
→ i hardly (if ever) mute anybody
→ i can get super busy so i'm sorry for responding late!
→ my dms are open for commission purposes & networking
→ i talk about astrology & spirituality. this helps me verbalize a Lot.
→ i rt a lot of fundraisers but unfortunately, until i'm able, i cannot give at the moment.
→ i'm into a lot of fandoms and rt a lot of memes (in and out of context). sometimes, not spoiler-free.
→ because i may be suffering from pmdd, i may come across as extra emotional at times. i would often have to leave twitter for a bit but i am accessible through discord if needed.

do not follow if

→ you are a minor (18↓)
→ you are racist, anti-LGBTQ+, etc
→ you support right-wing ideology
→ you "stan" politicians and/or get mad at the idea of biden/harris (or any democrat) being criticized
→ you think i'm actually right-wing for any reason (especially for the above)
→ you don't like older fans
→ you support incest, pedophilia, etc
→ you sexualize minors (fictional or not)
→ you constantly harass others in the name of social justice*
→ you never intend to be my friend
→ you don't like seeing others venting about mental health.
→ you tend to be a "devil's advocate".
→ you're a free follow account
* i don't care if you make fun of them or call them out - but know your limit

novels & light novels

light novels
royal road.com
amazon author

author site

enjoy what i create?
→ please follow my twitter!
→ RT any stories/games you like!


all past streams are archived on my youtube account.

chat rules
this is subject to change.
→ 18+ chat, but let's try to keep it decent
→ no bigotry of any kind will be tolerated
→ minimum politic talks
→ do not lewd minors, especially fictional.
→ no backseat gaming unless i need help
→ no spoilers, please.
→ have fun!

accounts & contact

twitter accounts
* please do not request
→ @basicbaka (main)
→ @advancedbaka (priv)*
→ @expertbaka (live tweet)
→ @nsfw_baka (NSFW)*
→ @naadraseawitch (oc talk)
→ @tokyosparkles (personal)*

extra links
friend codes
discord tarot
writing (terms of service)

just let know who you are
discord: madamefujoshi#1369
LINE: mutuals only
business inquiries: [email protected]